See Tweets about # legshot on Twitter. See what people are saying and join the conversation. Mrs. Robinson Leg Shot made it all the way to number 34 on IGN's Top Movie Moments. Check out which video game made it to number 1!. The act of premature ejaculation of a male upon the leg of the female partner before intercourse. Also, a noun, usually an insult.

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If a mugger or a rapist tries to talk you into leaving with him, it's because it has worked for him. There is a major artery in the human leg the femoral arterywhich if severed can kill a person tinkerbell porn quickly as shooting them in the chest. This criminal attacked you, tried to hurt you for no reason other sucking horse cock cum his personal gain. I call legshot idea the leg shot syndrome. (Magical), Leg Shot Debuff, MP Usage, Cooldown. Movement / Jump Speed, Duration. 1, 50, %, %, 5 seconds, 30 MP, 6 Seconds. I call this idea the leg shot syndrome. The leg shot syndrome is expressed by the statement "I wouldn't aim to kill; I would shoot the robber in the leg." I believe I. [Missile]Aim at the target's leg and fire your pistol. The target's movement speed gets momentarily reduced.

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